Multiple installations of the same BricsCAD version


  1. In Windows Explorer, make a copy of the BricsCAD installation folder.
    By default: C:\Program Files\Bricsys\Bricscad V24 en_US.
    The copy is best placed in the same parent folder as the original.
    By default: C:\Program Files\Bricsys.
  2. Rename the copied folder according to the BricsCAD version (e.g. BricsCAD 24.1.06).
  3. Run the installer of the higher version, which will replace the current version in the BricsCAD installation folder.
  4. Optionally, place a shortcut to Bricscad.exe in the copied folder on your desktop. Rename the shortcut according to the BricsCAD version (e.g. BricsCAD 24.1.06).

Linux and macOS

Multiple BricsCAD versions can be installed in a similar way.


BricsCAD installs and runs MAJOR versions (V23, V24, ...) independently.

Please notice the current article is a about side-by-side installation of multiple BricsCAD versions with different MINOR number of the same MAJOR version.

The BricsCAD installation procedure refuses to install a lower version than the one that is currently installed in the default BricsCAD installation folder. If you want to install such version, you must first uninstall the higher version. After you have installed the lower version you can use the above procedure to install the higher version next to the lower version.