How to start BricsCAD in Safe Mode, without any applications?

You can launch BricsCAD in safe mode using the SAFEMODE system variable. This temporarily suppresses all third party plug-in code, enablers, and user lisp files from loading in the current session. Starting in a clean environment can help to eliminate potential causes of a crash.

To enable safe mode:

  1. Make a copy of the BricsCAD shortcut.
  2. Right click on the copied shortcut and select Properties.
  3. Add /SAFEMODE at the end of the Target field.
    C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V24 en_US\bricscad.exe" /SAFEMODE
  4. Click OK.
  5. Launch BricsCAD using this shortcut.

The full checklist:

  • Set DEMANDLOAD to 0. This disables the automatic loading of modules when a certain entity type is present in a drawing or whenever a certain command is executed.
  • Start VBAMAN: no applications should be loaded
  • Start VBARUN: only default.dvb should be present and no macros should be listed.

In a clean installation the following files are empty (at the time of writing), but third parties may extend them. If they have been extended, they should be renamed or edited in order to disable the related applications:

  • bricscad.rx
  • on_start_default.lsp
  • on_doc_load_default.lsp
  • on_start.lsp
  • on_doc_load.lsp
  • default.dvb
  • additional MNL files