Consult, submit, or accept a task

You can consult, submit, or accept a task:

  1. Click Tasks in the toolbar.
  2. Either click Open tasks in the tool menu to display your incomplete tasks, or click Completed tasks in the tool menu to display your finished tasks.
    Note: Use the drop-down menus in the content pane to filter the tasks on folder or workflow.

    If applicable, click on a column header to sort your tasks by Name, Source, Assignee, Due date, Active since, or Completed on.

  3. If applicable, filter tasks on name or source with one of the filter buttons.
  4. Click on a task to view the task details.
  5. Depending on the task status, you can:
    • Check the task details:
      • The starting date
      • The due date
      • The workflow the task is part of.

        Click on the workflow name to open the workflow in the Bricsys 24/7 Workflow Viewer.

      • The assignee
    • Check the task history.
    • View the document the task is attached to:
      1. Click on the document name to open the document details
      2. Click Open in viewer to open the document in the Bricsys 24/7 Viewer.
    • Set the document status.
    • Add a comment if you want to clarify the task.
    • Save the comment as a note.
    • Either attach documents from the project or attach files from your local device.
    • Accept the task for proposal and respond.
    • Select one or more people to react on the task and submit.
Note: Failed automated activities offer an extra Skip activity button. The administrator of the project or coordinator of the workflow should be able to skip the task.

To access the Skip activity button:

  1. Go to Tasks > Open tasks.
  2. Select the specific task.

    A window that displays the details for that task opens.

  3. Go to File details > Workflow.