A task is:
  • part of a process set up by a project administrator using workflows.
  • an activity assigned to a project member.

Consult the number of open tasks that are assigned to you

  1. Check Tasks in the toolbar.
  2. Consult the red counter.

    The counter displays the number of open tasks.

You can consult your tasks in:

  • The Tasks tool
  • The Reports tool.
    Note: You need the appropriate rights.

It is also possible to access tasks from the document details window:

  1. Click the name of a file.

    The document details window appears.

  2. Click the Workflows tab.

    View active workflows and check if you are part of a task to be executed.

    Click the Respond button to reply to the task assigned.

    • You can use the drop-down menu form the left side to consult the Active Automations, Completed Automations or Cancelled Automations (Workflow tasks).
    • Click the View details button to have an overview of the workflow, where you can cancel the workflow or see its history.

Change your communication preferences in the profile settings

  1. Click on the profile icon/picture on the right side of the project bar.

    A context menu pops up.

  2. Click Manage subscriptions.
  3. Enable Daily Task Overview if you want to receive a daily email about the open tasks in your projects.
  4. If applicable, adjust the time slot.
  5. Enable Workflow task notifications if you want to receive email notifications about workflow tasks.
  6. Click Save changes.

    A pop up window informs you that the subscriptions are updated.