Upload a document

You can upload one or more documents:

  1. Click Files in the toolbar.
  2. Click Upload.

    A modal window appears.

  3. Select the document(s) you want to upload.
  4. Click Open (Windows) or Choose for Upload (macOS).

    The Choose a folder to upload to... window appears.

  5. Select the folder you want to upload to.
  6. Click Confirm.

    The Uploading window appears.

  7. If applicable, add a status and a description per document, and select the appropriate options.

    In case the folder has metadata, more fields will appear in the Uploading window for you to fill in.

    Note: When uploading document(s) to a folder that has a form attached to it configured to Rename uploaded documents based on the fields' content, the resulting file name is predicted at the bottom of the Uploading window.
    Note: The available document statuses correspond to the project settings.
    Note: If the file name already exists in the folder you want to upload to, you can:
    • Tick the Upload this document as a copy checkbox to upload the document as a separate file. If applicable, enter the required options.
    • Tick the Add as revision checkbox to upload the document as a revision of a selected document (only for Administrators).
      Note: You can search for a document in the Add as revision of field.
    • Tick the Replace last revision checkbox to replace the last revision of the document with the newly added version (only for Administrators).
    Note: If you are uploading multiple documents:
    • You can click apply data to all uploads to copy the added information to all documents you want to upload.
    • You can tick the Add as revision checkbox to upload the document as a revision of a selected document.
  8. Click Upload.

A pop up window shows the upload progress and informs you that the documents are successfully uploaded. The uploaded documents are visible in the content pane.

Note: As an alternative, you can first select a folder in the tool menu, before you click on Upload.
Note: The maximum upload size is 20 GB.
Tip: If you want to upload a lot of documents simultaneously, you can use the Bricsys 24/7 Transfer Tool.