-OVERKILL command

Deletes duplicate and overlapping entities and combines duplicate blocks.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Deletes duplicate entities and overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines, and unifies partly overlapping or contiguous ones. Optionally moves duplicates to a dedicated layer.Combines duplicate blocks and optionally purges duplicate block definitions.

Options within the command

Executes the overkill procedure.
Sets the properties to ignore.
Properties are taken into account to determine if overlapping entities should be combined.
All properties are taken into account.
Color, etc.
The colors of overlapping entities are considered. If the colors match, then they are combined or deleted.
Sets the tolerance for the comparison process.
Note: When is set to 0, entities must match completely before being evaluated in the overkill process.
optimize Plines
Segments of selected polylines are evaluated individually, duplicate vertices and segments are removed. If lines or arcs duplicate a polyline segment, one of them is deleted, which might break a polyline.
segment witDth
Specifies if the width property of polyline segments is ignored.
Break polyline
Polyline segments are kept intact even if the duplicates are deleted.
Optimizes polyline entities.
Polyline entities are not optimized.
combine parTial overlap
Partially overlapping entities are unified into a single entity.
combine Endtoend
Collinear lines and polyline segments having coinciding endpoints are unified into a single entity or segment.
Associative entities are not processed.
delete or Move duplicates
Determines what to do with duplicate entities.
Entities are moved to Overkill Layer.
Note: This layer is set by the OVERKILLLAYER system variable. By default, it is set to Duplicate Entities.
Combine duplicate block definitions
Searches the drawing for duplicate block definitions and replaces all such block instances by the most recent of these duplicates.
Purge duplicate block definitions
Deletes duplicate block definitions.