Creates a datum identifier symbol

BricsCAD Mechanical



Select the object to attach the datum identifier symbol and specify the points for its location, then the Datum Identifier dialog box opens. The first leader segment is perpendicular to the attached object.

There are two use cases to activate the mechanical entities:
  1. When creating a new drawing that contains mechanical entities:
    1. Set the LOADMECHANICAL2D system variable to ON (1).
    2. Start a new drawing using a Mechanical2d template.
  2. When opening a drawing that contains mechanical entities:
    1. Set the LOADMECHANICAL2D system variable to ON (1).
    2. Open an existent ACM drawing and start special symbols creation.
Note: These dimensions are compatible with the legacy ® Mechanical application.
Note: The dimensions will be added to the AM_5 layer.
Note: After opening a drawing that contains mechanical entities, filling other drawings with mechanical-related data will be done on-demand in contrast to previous versions. It will be possible when a user copies the mechanical-related entities to the vanilla drawing. In case of copying entities that are not related to the mechanical data, a vanilla drawing will not be filled with mechanical data.
Note: When you open a drawing that contains mechanical entities, but the LOADMECHANICAL2D system variable is OFF, a warning bubble is displayed at the status bar that describes the situation and provides a hyperlink to immediately enable and load the mechanical 2d modules.

The Datum Identifier dialog box allows you to set all parameters for the symbol.


Specifies the datum identifier symbol characteristics.

Options (1)
Toggles the datum type.
Identifier (2)
Defines the identifier which can contain a maximum of two characters.
Thread note (3)
Defines the thread notes, which are placed on symbols attached to gears or screw threads. They specify which diameter to use as the datum.
Datum note (4)
Defines the reference datum targets which correspond to points on a surface. Generally, it contains a series of datum targets separated by commas (",").
Note: Thread and datum notes are not available for all standards.

Leader and text

Specifies the Leader and text characteristics.

Leader (5)
Sets the leader characteristics.
Sets the default leader arrowhead type.
Surface arrowhead
Sets the arrowhead for surface indication leaders.
Note: This option is only available for the standards which allow surface indicator leaders.
Object attachment
Defines if the symbol leader is attached or detached to the object.
Attaches the symbol to the selected object.
Detaches the symbol from the object.
Surface extension line (6)
Sets the surface extension line characteristics.
Offset from object
Sets the offset from the object.
Extension beyond leader
Sets the extension beyond leader.

After creating the datum identifier symbol with the AMDATUMID command, their properties can be changed in the Properties panel:

Drafting standard
Displays the drafting standard.
Standard revision
Displays the standard revision.
Sets the note scale.