Creates a welding symbol.

BricsCAD Mechanical



Select the entity to attach the welding symbol and specify the points for its location. The Weld Symbol dialog box opens, where you can customize the weld symbol.

There are two use cases to activate the mechanical entities:
  1. When creating a new drawing that contains mechanical entities:
    1. Set the LOADMECHANICAL2D system variable to ON (1).
    2. Start a new drawing using a Mechanical2d template.
  2. When opening a drawing that contains mechanical entities:
    1. Set the LOADMECHANICAL2D system variable to ON (1).
    2. Open an existent ACM drawing and start special symbols creation.
Note: These dimensions are compatible with the legacy AutoCAD® Mechanical application.
Note: The dimensions will be added to the AM_5 layer.
Note: After opening a drawing that contains mechanical entities, filling other drawings with mechanical-related data will be done on-demand in contrast to previous versions. It will be possible when a user copies the mechanical-related entities to the vanilla drawing. In case of copying entities that are not related to the mechanical data, a vanilla drawing will not be filled with mechanical data.
Note: When you open a drawing that contains mechanical entities, but the LOADMECHANICAL2D system variable is OFF, a warning bubble is displayed at the status bar that describes the situation and provides a hyperlink to immediately enable and load the mechanical 2d modules.

After creating the symbol prototype with the AMWELDSYM command, you can configure the exact welding symbol's properties from the Properties panel:

All Around
Toggles the visibility of the All Around symbol in the welding symbol.
Field weld
Toggle the visibility of the Field weld symbol in the welding symbol.
Note tail
Displays the state of the note tail.
Process notes
Defines the process notes.
Closed note tail
Defines the closed note tail.
Chooses between move and mirrored stagger for intermittent welds on both sides.
Flip symbol
Chooses between left and right aligned for weld symbol.
Requirements - Arrow side
Weld type
Defines the weld type from the options below:
Defines the groove depth of the weld.
Defines the size of the weld.
Defines the length of the weld.
Defines the spacing dimension for intermittent weld.
Defines the shape of the weld.
Requirements - other side
Defines the type and dimensions of the weld on the other side.
Defines the default arrowhead type for welding symbols.