BIMPATCH command

Allows to replace part of a generated section.

Note: BIMPATCH cuts out part of geometry and replaces it by a block reference. In this cutting process, entity data linked to the 3D model are lost. Therefore, starting from V21.2, this command is no longer available.


Allows you to specify a rectangular area on a block that was previously generated and modify it.


Patches can be edited same as blocks, using the REFEDIT command.

When the corresponding BIM section is updated, BricsCAD will check if the generated section result within that rectangle is identical to the result which was generated at the time the BIM patch was created:

  • If not, then the user edited BIM patch is preserved but the boundary is colored red.
  • If it is, the user edited BIM patch is preserved.

Intersection points and endpoints of curves originating from 3D objects are used to find the position of a BIM patch rectangle. When objects are modified or moved in the 3d model in such way that the position of these intersection points change, but the geometry inside the BIM patch rectangle is not affected, then BricsCAD will relocate the user edited BIM patch.

Note: The command is valid in model space only.
Note: In order to use the command, the GENERATEASSOCVIEWS system variable must be set ON.

This command cuts out part of geometry and replaces it by a block reference. The cut-out is generated as a nested block in the BIM section. BIM patch blocks are named Patch1, Patch2, etc. The rectangular boundary of a BIM patch is placed on layer BIMPATCH_BOUNDARY.