Propagates details.




Propagates details connected to three planar base solids (e.g. corners).


Select at least three planar reference solids that form a 3D corner. The detail will be copied to similar corners.


Select detail objects
Select additional solids, blocks or faces to be included in the corner detail.
yes, copy as Block
This option is available only when detail objects are selected. A block is created from the selected detail objects, which is then copied.
Note: The default block names are Block, Block 1, Block 2, ... You can rename blocks in the Blocks category in the Drawing explorer. See the EXPBLOCKS command.
yes, plain Copy
This option is available only when detail objects are selected. The detail objects are copied as is.
Inflate first
Expands the sensitive zone to include similar solids which are not connected yet in the model. The edges of the initially detected detail are moved outward over a specified distance.
Save detail
A SAVE STANDARD FILE dialog box displays.

You are prompted to specify a file name to save the detail.

save detail to Library
The SAVE DETAIL dialog box displays.

See the BIMCREATEDETAIL command.

Accept or reject suggestions by clicking on the tick.
Note: See the Apply option in the BIMPROPAGATE command.