LINETYPE command

Opens the Drawing explorer dialog box with Linetypes selected.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM




Opens the Drawing explorer dialog box with  the Linetypes category selected to view and modify linetypes in the current drawing.

New drawings contain at least these linetypes: Continuous, ByLayer, and ByBlock.
  • Continuous linetype: displays entities with a solid, unbroken line.
  • ByLayer linetype: displays entities with the linetype assigned to the current layer.
  • ByBlock linetype: displays entities with the Continuous linetype until the entities are combined into a block definition.
    • If you need to control the linetype of a certain part of a block, you can assign the ByBlock value to that part of the block. This means that this part of the block does not have any value assigned until it is inserted into a drawing. You should assign the ByBlock value to entities before creating the block or change it in the block editor after.
    • When the block is inserted into the drawing, it displays the current linetype of the drawing for those entities.

Any other linetype must be loaded into the drawing before it can be used: click the New button to load the linetype.

To start new drawings with all linetypes loaded, create and save the drawing as a DWT template file.

Context Menu Options

Loads additional linetypes into the drawing. Displays the Load Linetypes dialog box.
Deletes linetypes from the drawing.
Note: The following linetypes cannot be deleted:
  • Continuous
  • ByLayer
  • ByBlock
  • Any linetype in use

Renames the selected linetype.

Note: The following linetypes cannot be renamed:
  • ByBlock
  • ByLayer
  • Continuous
Select all
Selects all linetypes.
Invert selection
Deselects the current selection and vice versa.
Set Current
Sets the selected linetype as the current one.
Hide xref symbols
Toggles the visibility of xref symbols on and off.