Attaches point cloud files to the current drawing.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Select a file or a folder, specify the Point cloud data name, enter a unit for point coordinate and then attach it from the Attach Point Cloud dialog box.

The point cloud file or folder is preprocessed in the background to create a cache entry, and a balloon message displays when it is ready.

Note: When the same source data is selected again for which cache is already available, this is detected and the point cloud is directly inserted in the dwg file without new preprocessing.
Note: The POINTCLOUDCACHEFOLDER system variable defines the folder where the point cloud data are stored.
Note: When the POINTCLOUDHSPC system variable is set to ON, the file is inserted in the HSPC format.
Note: When a LAS/LAZ file contains classification data, it is shown in the Point Cloud Manager panel. Visibility of the classified points can be toggled on or off per class. This information is only available if the point cloud is preprocessed in HSPC format.

Options within the command

Opens the Pre-process Point Cloud Data File(s) dialog box from where you have to select a point cloud file to attach.
  • The source file name is the same as the cache key and is used to check if the point cloud is available in the cache folder.
  • The point cloud cache name is a user specified name for the preprocessed Pointcloud. It is the default point cloud name if the user does not specify a Pointcloud name for insertion. Multiple insertions can have the same or a different point cloud name.
Note: You can import an ASCII point cloud file of almost any extension, with a custom separator, or a custom data distribution across the columns. When an unsupported file format is selected (extensions other than *.e57, *.ptx, *.pts, *.las/z, *.rcp/s, *.hspc), you can define how the point data is stored in the file by accessing the Command line options or the Point Cloud Custom File Format command context panel. To be able to select an unsupported file format, select all files (*) in the open file/folder dialog.
Specify point file format
Defines the custom format for the point cloud file.
Sets a delimiter from the drop-down list.
comment Tag
Defines a comment tag. Any content after this tag in the same line is ignored.
Displays a preview of the point file. You can configure the column format.
Sets a column format.
Opens the Choose Input Folder dialog box where you have to select a folder to import.
Toggle ignore geotags
Toggles ignore geotags, available at the Command line when the POINTCLOUDIGNOREGEOTAGS system variable is set to 0.