Decompress a point cloud cache entry.


Opens the Please provide a point cloud cache dialog box where you can select a point cloud cache folder. Inside the selected folder, data files at the relative path Data/*.pnz will be decompressed. The extension of the data files will change from .pnz to .pnt.

The compression ratio is displayed on the Command line.

Note: If FILEDIA =0, you have to specify the location of the point cloud cache folder in the Command line.
Note: Manual compressing and decompressing a point cloud cache file may be needed in case of data exchange between BricsCAD V21 and V22 versions. BricsCAD V22 can work seamlessly with compressed or uncompressed data, but BricsCAD V21 only works with uncompressed data.
Note: Set the POINTCLOUDCACHEFOLDER system variable as you prefer.