POLYGON command

Creates a closed polyline in the shape of a polygon.

BricsCAD Shape; BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Alias: POL


Creates a closed polyline in the shape of an equal-sided polygon. Options allow you to specify the center, number of sides, edge length and angle, and the distance from the center to the vertex or midpoint of an edge.
  1. Center of polygon
  2. First endpoint edge
  3. Second endpoint edge
  4. Vertex
  5. Midpoint of side
  6. Edge length
  7. Angle of polygon

Methods to begin a polygon

This command has 1 method to begin creating a polygon:

  • Set number of sides
Set number of sides
Begin creating a polygon by specifying the number of sides between 3 and 1024 then:
Additional options: [Width of line/Multiple polygons]
Set center of polygon
Specify the center point of the polygon.
Additional option: [Specify by Edge]
Select midpoint of side
Specify the location of the midpoint of a polygon line segment. The location of the midpoint defines the size and angle of the polygon.
Additional option: [Specify by Vertex]

Additional options within the POLYGON command

After you begin creating a polygon, the following options may be available.

Width of line
Specify the width of the polygon line segments. All segments have the same width.
Multiple Polygons
Create multiple polygons with the same size and orientation when using the Set center of polygon option. Continue placing polygons until you press Enter to end the command.
Specify by Edge
Specify the endpoints of one edge of the polygon to define its size and angle.
Specify by Vertex
Specify the location of a vertex of the polygon. The location of the vertex defines the size and angle of the polygon.