SMFORM command

Converts a selected set of faces to a form feature.

BricsCAD Mechanical



This command converts a selected set of faces to a form feature or explodes form features into flanges and bends:

In Create mode, the command allows you to define a form feature by selecting the faces manually.
Note: This can be necessary if automatic recognition by SMCONVERT does not produce the expected result.

For example: if you insert and dissolve the Cardguide form feature from the library, SMCONVERT recognizes two forms features because their geometry is separated. A manual selection of the form feature faces when executing SMFORM solves the problem.

Note: Form features created by SMFORM have the same set of basic operations as if they were created by BMINSERT or recognized by SMCONVERT.

In Explode mode, the command dissolves the form feature and tries to recognize its geometry as flanges and bends. This can be helpful if SMCONVERT incorrectly recognizes the design as a form feature.

Options within the command

Create new form feature
Creates new form features.
Explode form feature
Explodes existing form features into flanges and bends.
Note: At least one face of each form feature to be exploded must be selected.
COnvert to form
Allows converting bead and bevel features in forms.