SMRELIEF command

Creates proper corner and bend reliefs.

BricsCAD Mechanical



Corner reliefs are built on corners which have three or more adjacent flanges. Bend reliefs are built at the start and end of a flange edge. Command supports the creation of reliefs on wrong bends.

The command automatically decides whether a relief must be created for a given bend. The size is either automatically chosen by default from the Mechanical Browser for Sheet Metal in the drawing or can be entered in the Command line.

In order to force the creation of bend relief for given bend, select the face of desired bend. In this case a bend will be created, even if the command decides a bend relief is not needed (i.e., it detects there are no clashes or stretches of the material).

Options within the command

Entire model
Creates reliefs on all hard edges, bends and corners in the entire model.
force Bend reliefs
Forces bend relief creation on bends.
The command automatically detects bend radii and adjusts the relief size accordingly.