WIPEOUT command

Creates a wipeout.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Creates a wipeout to mask parts a drawing. Options allow you to convert a polyline to a wipeout and control the display of wipeout frames.

Methods to create a wipeout

This command has 2 methods to begin creating a wipeout:

  • Specify start point
  • Polyline
Specify start point
Begin creating a wipeout by specifying a start point then:
Specify next point
Specify the next vertex of the wipeout. You can continue adding vertices until you press Enter to end the command.
Additional options: [Undo/Close]
Begin creating a wipeout by selecting an existing closed polyline then:
Delete selected polyline? [Yes/No]

Choose whether to erase or retain the original polyline.

  • Yes: erases the polyline.
  • No: retains the polyline in addition to the wipeout.

Options within the WIPEOUT command

After you begin creating a wipeout, the following options may be available:

Specify whether to display wipeout frames. This is saved in the WIPEOUTFRAME system variable and applies to all wipeout entities in the drawing.
  • On: display and plot wipeout frames.
  • Off: hide wipeout frames.
  • Display but not plot: display but do not plot wipeout frames.
Undo the last wipeout vertex and continue drawing from the previous one.
Automatically draw a wipeout segment from the last vertex to the first one. This ends the command.