Geographic location dialog box

The Geographic Location dialog box allows you to set the geographic location of the drawing by applying the longitude and latitude to a point in the drawing.

  1. GIS Coordinate System
  2. Latitude / Longitude
  3. Position
  4. North direction
  5. Elevation

GIS Coordinate System

Reports the GIS system being used by the drawing.

Note: Click the browse icon to change the system.
Store geographic location information in drawing
When checked, a red dot indicates the position in the drawing.
Use Map Grid coordinate system
Uses the location data from the GIS Coordinate System.

Latitude / Longitude

Choose Location
Specifies the graphic location through the Choose Geographic Location dialog box.
Degrees Minutes Seconds Lat/Long
Displays the location in a Degrees, Minutes and Seconds format.
Decimal Lat/Long
Displays the location in a decimal format.
Sets the latitude. The valid range is 0 to 90.
Sets the longitude. The valid range is 0 to 180.
Time zone

Specifies the time zone from the Time Zone drop list.

Note: This setting is saved to the TIMEZONE system variable.


Specifies the position of the location in the drawing by entering coordinate values.

Note: You can also select a specific point in the workspace to set the position.

North direction

Specifies the angle of the sun from north, in the context of the world coordinate system.

Note: The setting is saved to the NORTHDIRECTION system variable.


Specifies an elevation for the long-lat point. The value can be positive or negative.