Label Style Editor dialog box

  1. Info tab
  2. General tab
  3. Components tab

Info tab

Displays information about label style.

Sets and displays the label style name.
Sets and display the description of the label style.
Displays Last saved by and Last saved date.

General tab

Defines general label settings.

Text style
Use "Drawing Explorer" to manage Text Styles.
Label visibility
Toggles the label visibility in the drawing.
Sets the Layer for the label from the drop-down list.
Orientation reference
Sets the orientation reference of labels relative to the associated Object, the screen View orientation, or the World Coordinate System (WCS) from the drop-down list..
Forced insertion
Specifies the position of a label relative to an object:
  • None: Maintains label position oriented relative to the object.
  • Top: Modifies label position to be above an object.
  • Bottom: Modifies label position to be below an object.
Plan readable
Toggles the readability flip parameter.
Readability bias
Sets the angle above which the point label text is rotated to a readable angle.
Flip anchors with text
Toggles the flip anchors with the text for the label.

Components tab

Manages the label style of the Contour, Slope and Spot Elevation of surface.

  1. Add new component
  2. List of components
  3. Components properties
Add new component
Adds new components to define labels to Text, Block, Line and Arrow.
List of components
Lists specific and the added components. Components can be reordered.
Draw order
Displays the components on the draw order. The draw order can be changed by typing the new position number for the component.
Component name
Displays the components names. The list can be sorted alphabetically.
Anchored to
Defines the dependence between the components.
Anchor point
Defines the anchor point by choosing it from the drop-down list.
Toggles the visibility on the component.
Removes the component.
Components properties
Displays the components properties which can be edited.