Layer settings dialog box

The Layer Settings dialog box allows you to apply settings on the Layers (legacy) panel.

  1. Hide xref layers
  2. Apply layer filter to layer toolbar
  3. Indicate layers in use
  4. Show row numbers
  5. Search Layers
  6. Layer States
  7. Layer Filters

Hide xref layers

When ticked, layers that came from externally referenced drawings are hidden.

Apply layer filter to layer toolbar

When ticked, the list of the displayed layers is filtered, according to the conditions of the filter. When unticked, all layer names are displayed.

Indicate layers in use

When ticked, icons in the Current column are displayed that indicate whether the layer has entities assigned to it. Unused layers can be purged.

Show row numbers

When ticked, the number at the start of each row is displayed.

Search Layers

When ticked, the Search field is displayed.

Layer States

When ticked, the Layer States drop-down list is displayed.

Layer Filters

When ticked, the Layer Filters drop-down list is displayed.