LayWalk dialog box

The LayWalk dialog box allows you to select the layers for which entities are displayed in the drawing.

  1. Pick Layers
  2. Layer list
  3. Filter
  4. Select All
  5. Restore on Exit
  6. Layer 0 always ON

Pick Layers

Temporarily dismisses the LayWalk dialog box and allows you to select entities in the drawing, along with their layers.

Layer list

Displays a list of available layers. Select the layers for which you want to display the entities.

Note: The unselected layers are frozen.


Turns On and Off an active filter.

  • Tick the checkbox to display only the layers that match the filter.
  • Untick the checkbox to see the full list of layers.

Select All

Click this button to select and display all layers.

Restore on Exit

If the checkbox is ticked, it restores all layers to their previous state when closing the dialog box.

If the checkbox is unticked, the changes you made are saved.

Layer 0 always ON

If the checkbox is ticked, the layer 0 is always displayed.

If the checkbox is unticked, only the selected layers are displayed.