Editing entity properties

Entity properties can be edited either in the Properties panel, or by using the Rollover Tips feature.

Editing in the Properties panel

BricsCAD offers a Properties panel like the Properties palette in AutoCAD. You can access it with the PROPERTIES command (PR alias) as well as other methods such as double-clicking on an entity.

The properties displayed in the panel depend on the entity type(s) that you have selected. When multiple entities are selected on the shared properties display, the value of shared properties that vary between the selection set, display *varies*.

As different from AutoCAD, the Properties panel in BricsCAD displays the Handle (read-only) of the selected entity, which can be useful to store and recall for programing purposes.

Editing with Rollover Tips

When Rollover Tips = ON (RT field in the Status bar), a selection of entity properties display at the cursor. Click a property to edit it.

When the Quad is on, click the Quad title bar to switch between Rollover Tips and the Quad cursor menu.

Right-click the RT field in the Status bar and choose Customize… in the context menu to open the Customize / Properties dialog box. Here you can define which properties display in the Rollover Tips for each entity type.