Working with attributes

An attribute is a particular entity that you can save as part of a block definition. Attributes consist of text-based data. You can use attributes to track such things as part numbers and prices. Attributes have either fixed or variable values. When you insert a block containing attributes, the program adds the fixed values to the drawing along with the block, and you are prompted to supply any variable values.

After you insert blocks containing attributes, you can extract the attribute information to a separate file and then use that information in a spreadsheet or database to produce a parts list or bill of materials. You can also use attribute information to track the number of times a particular block is inserted into a drawing.

Attributes can be visible or hidden. Hidden attributes are neither displayed nor plotted, but the information is still stored in the drawing and written to a file when you extract it.

ATTDEF command - defines attributes through a dialog box.

-ATTDEF command - defines attributes through the Command line.

ATTDISP command - toggles the display of attribute text.

ATTEDIT command - edits attribute values and properties.

-ATTEXT command - extracts attributes from drawings to data files through the command bar.

ATTREDEF command - redefines a block and updates associated attributes.

ATTSYNC command - synchronizes attribute definitions in all block references of a specified block definition.

BATTMAN command - (short for "block attribute manager") edits all aspects of attributes in a block definition, and then optionally applies the changes to all blocks of the same name in the drawing.

EATTEDIT command - edits attribute values and most properties.

General procedure to work with attributes

  1. Define the attributes.
  2. Create a block.

You can attach attributes to a block. Include the attributes when the program prompts you to select the entities to be included in the block definition. If a block contains attributes, the program prompts you each time you insert the block, so you can specify different values for the attributes each time you insert it into a new drawing.

  1. Insert the block in a drawing.
  2. (option) Edit the attributes in a block.
  3. Extract attribute information.