Render materials panel

The Render Materials panel offers access to materials used for renderings.

Material definitions are saved in the drawing. Each drawing contains the Global material. It is not possible to delete or rename the Global material, however you can edit the properties of the Global material.

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Material library

The material library is organized by categories. You can select a material from a category and then apply it to an entity using the brush that appears. You can scroll through the materials using the mouse wheel or the scroll bar.

Note: Right-click on a material to add it to library, to remove it from drawing or to add it to drawing.


Returns the material library to the home screen.


Searches the library for words you enter in the search box.


Grid View
Displays the materials in a grid view.
List View
Displays the materials in a list view.
Manage libraries
Opens the Settings dialog box to change the render materials directory path.
Get more materials
Opens the Render Materials documentation in a browser, where you can download the complete Render Material Library.