The Push/pull tool allows you to add and remove volume from solids by moving highlighted faces.
Note: Push/pull tool applies to planar, cylindrical, spherical, conical and toroidal faces of a solid.

For more information about this command, visit the Command Reference article DMPUSHPULL.

Procedure: using Push/Pull tool to add or remove volume to the solid

The following are general steps to add or remove volume from a solid(s) using the Push/Pull tool.
  1. Highlight any face(s) of the solid(s) in the drawing.
  2. Select the Push/pull tool in the Model tab from the Quad.
  3. Move the cursor to pull the highlighted face.
    The following movie shows the highlighted face behavior. The selected face moves dynamically, adding or removing volume.

  4. Specify a point in the drawing or enter a value in the dynamic dimension field, then right click to accept changes.