Opens the Edit scale list dialog box.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Opens the Edit scale list dialog box to edit the list of scales accessible by some commands.

The Edit Scale List dialog box allows you to add, edit and delete scales.

  1. Command reference
  2. Add a new scale
  3. Edit scale
  4. Move up
  5. Move down
  6. Delete the selected scale
  7. Reset
  8. Hide xrefs scales

Command reference

Opens the Bricsys Help article about the SCALELISTEDIT command.

Add a new scale

Opens the Add scale dialog box.

Edit scale

Opens the Edit Scale dialog box.

Move up

Moves the selected scale up the list.

Move down

Moves the selected scale down the list.

Delete the selected scale

Deletes the selected scale. Press the Ctrl key to select and delete more than one scale at a time.

Note that the scale 1:1 cannot be deleted.


Returns the list to its original condition, adding back in the deleted scales and removing all added but unused scales.

Hide xrefs scales

Determines if the scale factors from xrefs are displayed in the list:
  • Yes: scale factors from externally referenced drawings are not shown in the list.
  • No: scales in the attached xrefs not in the current drawing are listed here.

Toggles the HIDEXREFSCALES variable.