Plotter Configuration Editor dialog box

The Plotter Configuration Editor dialog box allows you to create and edit customized parameter PC3 files for printers and other output devices.

  1. Editor tabs
  2. Printer name
  3. Description
  4. Driver Information

Editor tabs

Gives basic information about the plotter.
Gives options on how the file will be printed.
Provides additional settings to modify the available settings based on the capabilities of the selected printer.
Note: For Print as PDF.pc3, open the Custom properties dialog box where Create bookmarks option is available to automatically generate bookmarks for named view in the PDF file.
Note: For some plotter configuration (PC3) files you can Modify Standard Paper Sizes:

Printer name

Lists the names of printers supported by the operating system.


Describes the plotter configuration. It is displayed by tooltips.

Driver Information

Displays basic information about the driver.