Bricsys 24/7 panel

The Bricsys 24/7 panel helps team members to find and share their drawings.

Bricsys 24/7 enables project management, a collaboration between project teams, cloud computing security and task automation. The big advantage of this cloud-based service is that BricsCAD is directly linked to it by the Bricsys 24/7 panel.

On certain environments, the Bricsys 24/7 panel supports Single Sign On (SSO).

The CLOUDSSOCLIENTID system variable stores the client_id to be used when connecting to SSO service.

The CLOUDSSOSCOPE system variable stores the scopes or permissions to be used when connecting to SSO service. It depends on the authorization server for a given Bricsys 24/7 service (what scopes are configured/allowed for the client). For example, Azure AD requires an explicit client id on the scope parameter, like <client id>/access_as_user openid.

On servers like https:/, with default scope settings, the log in appears as described below.

By clicking Change, the Settings dialog box is opened at the CLOUDSERVER system variable to specify another address of the Bricsys 24/7 server. For other certain environments, like, that does not support SSO at this moment, the log in will appear as described below.

  1. Enter your Email address and Password and press the Log in button.
  2. (Option) Tick the Remember Me checkbox to store the username and password.
  3. Once logged on, you will see an overview of your in the cloud Projects, Folders and Documents.
    (1) Project The first thing you see on the 24/7 Panel when logged on, are all the projects you are assigned to.
    (2) Project name At the top of the panel you see the project name. You can go back to the overview of projects by clicking on the back arrow.
    (3) Sort by Displays the folders / documents sorted by status of the file or lock attribute.
    (4) Folder When you open a project, a list of folders is shown.
    (5) Folder name At the top of the panel you see the folder you're in. You can go back to the overview of by clicking on the back arrow.
    (6) Documents In a folder you find the documents. Some details about the document are displayed as icons:
    The profile picture or the initials from the author of the document.
    The document is in the cloud, available for download.
    The document is up to date.
    The document was locally modified.
    A new version of the document is available in the cloud.
    Someone is currently working on the document.
    The document that you try to modify is locked by someone else.
    Appears when you try to save changes in a read-only file or save changes in an old file version.

    Appears when you try to upload a file that already exists.

    The document is currently uploading.
    The document is currently downloading.
    The document is locked by someone, another person cannot change it.
    (7) Add a new file Opens the Add new document dialog box to add a new file to the folder.

    Choose a file status from the drop-down list and type a description.

    You can download a BIM model from your Bricsys 24/7 project to a local folder by right-clicking on the folder. The local folder for download is defined with the CLOUDDOWNLOADPATH system variable.

  4. Right-click on a document to open a menu with possible document actions:
    (8) Lock the document so no changes can be made.
    (9) Unlock the document so changes can be made.
    (10) Download the latest revision from the cloud.
    (11) Upload your drawing as a revision of the original drawing.

    See the CLOUDUPLOADDEPENDENCIES system variable options.