Details panel

The Details panel allows you to view details, add tags to details, propagate and adjust details.

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Click this button to go back to the details library overview.

Details library

You can click on the category of the detail you want to view. The details assigned to that category will be displayed.

When you click on a detail, the View Detail dialog box will appear (see View Detail dialog box article).


Click the filter icon to open the filter options. Here you can search the library for specific details using tags.

Reference solid tags
Filters the details based on Reference solid tags. Click + Reference solid to add a filter and then select a filter from the drop-down list. You can copy or delete filters by clicking on the symbols on the right.
General tags
Filters the details based on General tags. Click on (click here to filter) to add filters. Select a tag from the drop-down list. Click the cross next to a filter to delete a filter, or click the delete icon to the left to delete all the added filters at once.


Generate thumbnails
Loads the new details in your Library panel.
Manage libraries
Opens the Settings dialog box to change the details directory path.

List view / Grid view

Toggles between the list view and the grid view of the details by clicking the icons.

Create detail

Launches the BIMCREATEDETAIL command.