-BOUNDARY command

Creates closed polylines from bounding entities.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM

Alias: -BO


Create closed polylines, defined by surrounding entities using the Command line. Options allow you to pick an internal point, specify the boundary set, and detect islands. See the BOUNDARY command to access similar functionality using a dialog box.

Original entities:

  1. Internal point

Resulting polylines:

Methods to create a boundary

There is one method to begin creating a boundary:

  • Internal point
Internal point
Begin creating boundaries by specifying a point inside an enclosed area for which you want to create a boundary. You can continue picking additional points until you press Enter to end the command.
Alternate options: [Advanced/Undo]

Options within the -BOUNDARY command

After you begin creating boundaries, the following options may be available:

Choose to modify boundary options or island detection.
Specify where BricsCAD should search for entities that make up the boundary.
  • New: create a new selection set of entities that make up the boundary.
  • Everything: select all entities in the current viewport.
Specify the island detection. An island is an enclosed area inside a boundary.
  • Yes: treat every island as a boundary.
  • No: create a boundary of only the outermost entities.
  • Outer only: ignore the innermost areas. A boundary is created between the outermost area and islands.

Original entities:

  1. Internal point



Outer only:

Return to the previous prompt.
Undo the last internal pick point and continue picking points to specify additional enclosed areas.