Creates unconstrained curve element on existing or on a new Horizontal Alignment.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



There are two methods:
  • Create a new curve element on existing horizontal alignment.
  • Create a new alignment by drawing a curve element.

The unconstrained curve element can be created on existing or on a new Horizontal Alignment in two ways. In both ways an existing horizontal alignment needs to be selected first. The user can then either specify a curve centre point in the drawing or select Points option from the command line. If the user has specified a centre point, he determines the orientation of the curve element in the next step, and at the end specify its diameter. Otherwise, if option Points has been selected in the command line, the user specifies three points that define the new curve element. User can then continue drawing new curve elements on existing horizontal alignment until presses the Enter key.

Options within the command

Select existing horizontal alignment
Creates a new curve element on existing alignment.
Create new alignment
Creates new curve element on existing Horizontal Alignment..
Specify curve direction
Toggles between clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
Creates new curve element of the Horizontal Alignment by specifying its start point, second point and end point.