BIMTAG command

Creates associative tags.




Creates associative tags in generated BIM section drawings for the corresponding building entities in a 3D BIM model. The BIM Tags will have an Associativity property which indicates whether a tag is associated, and an Associative coloring property which visualizes an unassociated tag in red, if it is true, but it doesn't change the color property.

Note: This command can only be used on section viewports.
Note: The GENERATEASSOCVIEWS system variable must be ON when generating or updating BIM tags.


The tags are created automatically for all building elements in the selected viewport.

Note: Tags are created as multileader entities using multileader styles in _SectionTag.dwg. The content of such a multileader style can be a field refering to a property of BIM entity type or is a block with attributes. Each attribute refers to a property of a BIM entity type. BIM entity types are linked to a multileader style in _TagTypeToStyle.xml. All source files can be found in the Support folder, for example: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Bricsys\BricsCAD\V23x64\en_US\Support\Bim\Sections.
Note: Section indicators, story indicators and grid callouts are generated automatically within section update.
The command opens the Bim Tag command panel.

The options in the BIMTAG command are the same as the options in the Bim Tag command panel.

Opzioni all'interno del comando

Creates tags automatically for all sectioned building entities in the selected viewport, including section indicators, story indicators and grid callouts.
Creates tags for selected entities in sections and elevations.
Box selection
Creates tags for all entities selected in sections and elevations.
Note: Both Manual and Box Selection allow you to tag background entities.
Current mleader style
Allows to use the current multileader style instead of the default style for selected sectioned BIM elements.
change Tag type
Changes the type of the selected tags.
Tag with all materials of composition of the sectioned BIM element.
Load-bearing directions
Inserts a loadbearing direction symbol when a generated line of a slab solid is selected. Make sure the load bearing direction is set by the BIMSETLOADBEARINGDIRECTION command.
Inserts a tag that indicates the elevation of the identified point in elevations and vertical sections.
Note: The following options are available only if tags have already been assigned to the section.
Update existing
Updates the existing tags in the selected viewport. The position of relocated tag blocks is preserved.
update existing and add New
Updates the existing tags in the selected viewport and adds new tags.
Regenerate all
Updates all tags in the selected viewport. Repositioned tag blocks are moved to their default location.