Creates or edits a standalone Bill of Materials (BOM) template files using both the command line and the BOM Manager panel.

BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Creates or edits a BOM template file using both BMBOM command and the BOM Manager panel. For creating a new .bom template file, the user has to provide a non-existing file name. After the .bom file is selected, the BOM Manager panel will be opened.

The BOM Manager will show a BOM table created using the selected file with the current document as the source of objects. In that mode, the BOM Manager will work mostly similarly to the normal mode, with following key differences:
  • Instead of the list of BOM tables in the document, the top selector will show the name of the current template only.
  • Commands to create a new BOM table are disabled.
  • Refreshing the content of the BOM Manager button is disabled.
  • All selection set modes except "Entire model", "Exclude current document", and "Additional documents" will be disabled. The property to set a target component will not be present as well.
  • If the button to place a BOM table is pressed, then the command will switch to the table placement mode. After the table is placed in the document, the command will finish as if "OK" button was pressed.
  • This command will not affect existing BOM tables in the document, nor will add any new BOM table to the document. The "Place BOM" command simply will create a table with BOM content, but this table will be not associated with any BOM table in the document.

Options within the command

Supplementary options in the command line, other than for the BMBOM command
Applies the current changes.
Discards the current changes.
Note: See the BMBOM command for the full command options.
Supplementary options in BOM Manager panel
The template .bom file will be updated according to the configuration in the BOM Manager, and the command will finish.
All changes to the template .bom file will be discarded.
Note: In both cases, the BOM Manager will switch back to show the current BOM table in the document. If the BOM Manager has not been active at the start of the command (i.e, not visible and not stacked), the command will close it automatically.
Note: See the BOM Manager panel
Note: The BMBOMTEMPLATEEDIT will always use filter settings, grouping mode and property set suitable for BIM models, even if no BIM project is found.