Creates a leader.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Creates a leader by specifying a sequence of points. The leader is based on the current dimension style. Options allow you to specify the format and annotation of the leader.

Methods to create a leader

There is one method to begin creating a leader:

  • Start of leader
Start of leader
Begin creating a leader by specifying a start point then:
Next point
Specify the next vertex of the leader.
To point
Specify the next vertex. You can continue adding unlimited vertices until you press Enter to access the annotation option.
Additional options: [Format/Undo/Annotation]
Enter the first line of annotation text and press Enter or press Enter without entering text to access dimension text options.
Next line of annotation text
Enter the next line of annotation text. You can continue adding lines of text until you press Enter to end the command.
  1. Start of leader
  2. Next point (vertex)
  3. To point
  4. Annotation

Options within the DIMLEADER command 

After you begin creating a leader, the following options may be available:

Specify if the leader line includes an arrow and whether it has spline or straight segments:
  • Arrow: draw the arrowhead.
  • None: does not draw the arrowhead.
  • Spline: draw the leader line as a spline.
  • Straight: draw the leader line as straight segments.
  • Exit: exit the Format options.
  1. Center
Undo the last leader line segment and continue drawing from the previous one.
Dimension text options [Block/Copy/None/Tolerance/MText]
Specify the type of annotation to use for the leader:
Specify the name of a block in the drawing.
Alternate option: [? to list blocks in drawing/open file Dialog]
Select an mtext, text, block reference or tolerance entity in the drawing.
The leader line is created without annotations.
Specify tolerance using the Geometric Tolerance dialog box.
Enter annotation text using the MText editor.
? to list blocks in drawing
Enter * to list the names of all block definitions in the current drawing. You can also use * as a wildcard with other characters.
Open file Dialog
Select a .dwg file from the file dialog box to use as an annotation block.