DMAUDIT command

Analyzes and repairs errors.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



This command is a powerful tool to analyze and automatically fix problems in 3D geometry supported by ACIS kernel (3D solids, surfaces).

Note: It is recommended to run DMAUDIT whenever 3D geometry is imported.


There are two methods to audit the drawing by selecting one or more entities or the entire model:

  • Check problems
  • Fix problems

The command opens the Command Context panel.

  1. Description
  2. Entities
  3. Settings
  • Select entities in the drawing: by default, the panel lets you choose which entities to select.
  • Entire drawing: selects all entities in the model space.
Lets you set the audit mode.
  • Check: checks the 3D geometry in the drawing for errors without fixing them.
  • Fix: by default, repairs errors.
Audit level
Sets the strictness of the check.
  • Low: runs basic analysis (for example, catching common fatal topology errors).
  • Medium: this is the default level.
  • High: goes deep (for example, catching self-intersections in solid bodies).
Redirect output to panel
Toggled on by default to redirect the output of the command to the Report panel.
Note: Depending on the value of REPORTPANELMODE variable, it might be necessary to click on the red exclamation mark in the lower right corner to see more details in the Report panel.
Check and fix coincident faces
Toggle on to check and fix coincident faces. Requires audit level set to High.
Check and fix entities in nested blocks
Toggle on to check and fix entities in nested blocks.
Copy output to file
Toggle on to report the output of the command in a file.
Note: The options within the command line reflect the options within the Command Context panel.