Opens the Drawing explorer dialog box with Images selected.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Displays the Images category of the Drawing explorer dialog box:

Supports the following formats:

BMP: Windows bitmap

ECW: Enhanced Compressed Wavelet format

GIF: CompuServe graphic image format

JPG, JPEG, and JPEG2000 (JP2, j2k) : Joint Photographic Experts Group (common among digital cameras)

MTI: Multi-resolution Tiled Image (Bricsys raster format for large images)

PCX: PC Paintbrush

PNG: Portable network graphics

SID: MrSID is an acronym for Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database

TGA: Targa

TIF, TIFF: Tagged Image File Format

Context menu options

Attaches raster image files to the drawing. dismisses the Drawing explorer dialog box, and the starts the IMAGEATTACH command. See IMAGEATTACH command.
Removes the image from the drawing. You may need to use the REGEN command to update the screen.
Inserts more images in the drawing, like the New button. Displays the Attach Raster Image dialog box. See IMAGEATTACH command.
Run extended search for missing attachments
Runs an extended search for missing attachments.
Clear cash
Clears the folder where temporary image cache files are stored.
Relative path
Shows the Saved Path as a relative path.
Absolute path
Shows the Saved Path as an absolute path of the image located in the drawing folder.
Filename as a path
Replaces the saved path with the file name.

Options within the command

Specifies the name of the image. This usually is the image's file name.

Toggles whether the image is displayed in the drawing:

On: displays the image in the drawing

Off: displays only the image's frame, which is turned off by the IMAGEFRAME command

Size in Pixels
Reports the size of the image in pixels, horizontally and vertically.
Reports the number of times the image occurs in the drawing.
Saved Path
Reports the path to the image file when first loaded. When the path cannot be found, click the Browse button which will display the Choose a File dialog box and locate the missing image file.
Found Path
Reports the current path to the image file. This path should match the Saved Path in most cases.