EXPPDFS command

Attaches PDF files as underlays to the current drawing through the Drawing Explorer.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Note: To import PDF files as drawing entities, use the PDFIMPORT command.


Displays the PDF Underlays category of the Drawing explorer dialog box:

Option within the command

Reports the name of the PDF insert. This name is generated by the program, but can be edited by pressing double click on the name or right-click and choose Rename from the shortcut menu.

Toggles loading of the PDF:

On: loads the PDF, and makes it visible.

Off: unloads the PDF, making it invisible.

Reports the size of the PDF file.
Reports the number of times the PDF is attached to the drawing.
Reports the date of the file. This can be useful in determining whether you ware working with the most recent revision.
Saved Path
Reports the path to the PDF file when first loaded. When the path cannot be found, click the Browse button which will display the Choose a File dialog box and locate the missing PDF file.
Found Path
Reports the current path to the PDF file. This path should match the Saved Path in most cases.

Context menu options

Attaches a PDF file to the current drawing. From the Select PDF Underlay File dialog box open a PDF file, specifies the parameters in the Attach PDF Underlay dialog box and an insertion point to locate the lower-left corner of the PDF.
Detaches the selected PDF attachments without warning.
Purges selected PDF files from the drawing; available only for those PDF file definitions that are not inserted in the drawing.

Attaches additional pages from a multi-page PDF file already attached to the current drawing.

From the Attach Pdf Underlay dialog box choose a page number from the Page drop-list.
The added page appears in Drawing explorer with the page number as a suffix to its name.
Run extended search for missing attachments
Runs an extended search for missing attachments.
Clear cache
Clear Cache for PDFs.
Relative path
Shows the Saved Path as a relative path.
Absolute path
Shows the Saved Path as an absolute path of the PDF file located in the drawing folder.
Filename as a path
Replaces the saved path with the file name.