SMFLIP command

Swaps sides of a selected flange.

BricsCAD Mechanical


Swaps sides of a selected flange so that reference faces are on the other geometric side of the flange. Optionally shifts the flange over the thickness of the sheet metal part.


Select a 3D solid or a flange face or press Enter to flip sides for all flanges.

Options within the command

Flip reference side only
Turns OFF the shift of flanges by thickness, in this mode reference sides for selected flanges are just swapped.
Note: Changing reference faces with shift by thickness might be necessary if SMEXTRUDE command creates flanges which collide with another solid.
1. Collisions between a solid and sheet metal flanges.
2. Collisions solved after applying SMFLIP.
Entire Model
Applies flip operation to all flanges in the drawing.