Draws view details of drawing views made with the VIEWBASE command.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


  • This command operates only in Paper Space.
  • When the GENERATEASSOCVIEWS (Generate associative drawings) system variable is ON, associative dimensions for detailed views are updated automatically when the 3D model is modified.
  • DRAWINGVIEWQUALITY variable defines the quality of drawing views.
  • The AUTOVPFITTING variable controls whether the size of the viewport is adjusted automatically to fit the current extents of the 3D geometry. By default AUTOVPFITTING = ON.


Select the drawing view from which to extract the detail by clicking inside a drawing view. The program highlights the selected view.

After that, specify the center point of the detail view by picking a point inside the parent view and the style of the view boundary.

There are two boundary types from which you can choose:

  • Circular - draws a circular boundary.
  • Rectangular - draws a rectangular boundary.
Note: You may always switch the boundary type between circular and rectangular using the Boundary option.

Specify the position for detail view by picking a point in the layout, away from the parent view.

Options within the command

Specifies the scale of the detail view, which by default is twice the parent viewport scale:
Standard scales
Choose a standard scale in the list; the list can be edited by the SCALELISTEDIT command.
Specify a custom scale factor.
Relative custom scale
Calculates the scale factor relative to parent view by multiplying the scale factor of the source view with this number.
from Parent
Sets the scale of the section view equal to the scale of the parent view.
Hidden lines
Control the visibility of hidden lines, or uses the same hidden lines setting as the parent view.
Note: When the BM_Ortho_Hidden and BM_Isometric_Hidden layers are off or frozen, hidden lines will not display.
Tangent lines

Controls the display of tangent edges which appear in the transition from a flat face and a curved face, such as with fillets:

Note: When the BM_Tangent_Visible layer is off or frozen, tangent lines are not display.
Determines if the center of the viewport is anchored so that the viewport grows and shrinks around its center point or not.
Selects the visual style for the section view:
Section view uses the 2dWireframe visual style.
Section view uses a rendered visual style. This is Conceptual by default. Use the Properties panel to choose a different visual style.
Determines the annotations to use.
Specifies the view detail identifier by entering a name for the view detail.
Toggles the display of the view detail label.
Toggles the style the boundary between circular and rectangular.
Changes the boundary to a circle.
Changes the boundary to a rectangle.
modeL edge
Controls whether a connection line is drawn between the detail view and the detail boundary in the parent view.
smooth with Border
Does not draw a line.
smooth with Connection line
Draws a connecting line from the detail view to the parent view.

Grips Editing

Detail views can be edited through grips: select the view and six grips display:

  1. Controls the position of the identifier.
  2. Controls the position of the section detail.
  3. 4 grips control the size of the detail boundary.