FLIPLINE command

Creates a line, used to flip the entities of a block.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


This command is used with 2D parametric blocks.

The FLIPLINE command allows you to draw a line used as a reference axis for flipping the selected entities of the block. When the flip line is created, it has a green color and it is moved to a special layer named FLIPLINES.

The FLIPLINE command will automatically create a special type of parameter and will associate it to the flip line entity. This parameter has two possible values: Not Flipped and Flipped.

The flip of the block will occur when the value of the flip parameter is changed. You can access this parameter in the Parameters Manager panel. Another way to change the flip parameter is to select the block and open the Properties panel, in the Parameters section.

When the flip parameter is set to Not Flipped, the block is in its default configuration, as it was drawn. When the flip parameter value is changed to Flipped, the block is flipped around the flip line.

Note: Creating a flip line is equivalent to drawing a line using the Line command.

Options within the command

Specify what to flip
Specifies the mode to select entities to be flipped.
Select entities to flip
Selects which entities should be flipped.
flip Everything
Selects all entities in the drawing for flipping.
Specifies the angle of the line segment.
Specifies the length of the line segment.
Undoes the last line segment and continues drawing from its previous start point.
Automatically draws a line from the end point of the last segment to the start point of the first segment.