View Detail dialog box

The View Detail dialog box displays the view details.

  1. Info
  2. Tolerance Parameters
  3. General Tags
  4. Solid Reference Tags
  5. Save
  6. Open
  7. Propagate
  8. Cancel


Displays general information about the detail.

Displays the name of the detail.
Displays the category name of the detail.
Displays the path of the detail file.

Tolerance Parameters

Displays the parameters of the detail, or the option to parametrize the detail.

Opens the .dwg detail file and executes the BIMPARAMETRIZEDETAIL command.
Note: If the details is already parametrized, this option is turned off, and the parameters are displayed.

General Tags

Displays the tags that generally identify the detail.

  • Click the cross button to delete tags.
  • Click the plus button to add a tag. The new added tags will be in an orange box.

Solid Reference Tags

Displays the tags that identify an individual solid reference from the detail. You cannot add reference solid tags here, you can only delete the existing tags.

Note: Tags are used to search for a specific detail in the library.
Note: Tags are automatically generated for the detail during the BIMCREATEDETAIL command.


Saves the changes and closes the View Detail dialog box.


Opens the .dwg file of the detail.


Propagates the detail. See the BIMPROPAGATE command.


Closes the View Detail dialog box without saving.