BricsCAD Communicator - Getting started

BricsCAD Communicator is an optional plug-in for Pro and higher license levels of BricsCAD that imports and exports 3D data between major CAD formats. Its high-quality conversions facilitate the re-use of 3D CAD data to improve productivity and reduce project costs.

Activating BricsCAD Communicator

After you have installed BricsCAD Communicator on your computer, you need to activate the software.

  1. Launch the LICENSEMANAGER command.
    The Bricsys License Manager dialog box displays.
  2. Under Communicator for BricsCAD, click Manage License.
  3. The Activate BricsCAD Communicator dialog box displays.
    • Click Activate Trial to activate BricsCAD Communicator trial license online.
    • Click Activate Now…. You can:
      • Type a valid BricsCAD Communicator license key into the License Key field if you are using a Single User or Volume license.
      • Type the Server name or local IP address of the license server if you are using a Network license.
  4. Click the OK button.

    The license is registered, and a confirmation dialog box displays.

  5. Read the text on the dialog box and click the I understand button.
  • To activate BricsCAD Communicator license offline see: Trial: offline (manual) activation or Single or volume license: offline (manual) activation.
  • To activate BricsCAD Comunicator Network license on the license server see: Network license: online activation or Network license: offline (manual) activation.