Command line panel

The Command line panel allows you to launch commands or modify system variables by typing the command or variable name.

  1. Command line
  2. Command history

Command line

Displays the current command prompt. If no command is active, it prompts you to Enter Command. If a command is active, it displays prompts and options relevant to the current command. Prompt shortcuts are highlighted. You may enter the shortcut characters in the Command line or click on them with the left mouse button.

A right-click menu offers relevant tools.

Hover over the AutoComplete option. Another context menu displays:
  • If Auto-Append is checked, the entry is automatically completed if only one possible command is left.
  • If Suggestion List is checked, the list of possible commands is displayed when typing in the command bar.
  • If Display System Variables is checked, the system variables are included in the suggestion list.
  • The Delay Time option sets the time in seconds before automated keyboard features display.
This option copies the selected text to the clipboard.
This option clears complete prompt history.
Select All
This option selects all the completed content of the prompt history.
This option pastes the text from the clipboard to the Command line.
This option displays the Settings dialog box at the Command line section.

Command History

Displays the history of the Command line input for the current BricsCAD session.