How to manage images/xref paths?


The path for inserted images/xrefs is not loading properly.


When organizing a project or receiving a project, some, if not all, attachments do not load properly because the paths are not found.


There are a few ways to manage xref paths and other dependencies while organizing them:
  • Keep all the attachments in the same folder as the main drawing.
  • Use the PROJECTSEARCHPATHS or the SRCHPATH system variables to specify the locations of the attachments needed for the drawing.
  • Use the Run extended search for missing attachments as follows:
    1. Open a drawing that contains images/xrefs files.
    2. Open the Attachments panel.
    3. When a file attached using the Relative path option is not properly loaded, right-click the xref/image and select the Run extended search for missing attachments option. This option automatically searches for the xref/image with the specified name in the sub-folder of the main drawing, or the folders specified in the SRCHPATH system variable and rewrite the path into the correct one.
      Note: This option can be used for multiple attachments at the same time.