How to mitigate crash caused by USB dock


BricsCAD sometimes crashes at startup or when switching to rendered visual styles (3D) if a multiple video connections USB dock is connected to the machine.


This happens because Windows classifies this dock's chipset as a display adaptor, and BricsCAD tries to use it as a graphic card.


Since this can not be fixed/controlled by us, please find below some possible workarounds:

  • Connect only one monitor through the USB docking station and the other/s on HDMI/DP laptop port (BricsCAD will use Nvidia).
  • Set as 'main' monitor in Windows Display Settings the laptop builtin display (BricsCAD will use Nvidia).
  • Disable Intel iGPU from Windows Device Manager (BricsCAD will use Nvidia).
  • Replace the multiple video connections USB dock with USB adaptors (USB Type-C to HDMI), which should work just fine since they do not have the video chipset.