Compare panel

The Compare panel allows you to compare the current drawing with a selected drawing.

Note: The DWGCOMPAREOPEN and DWGCOMPARECLOSE commands can be used to open/close this panel.
  1. Setup
  2. Results
  3. End compare


4. Drawing

5. Legend

Displays the name of the current file and the selected file to compare the current file against. If no compare file is selected yet, click the Select a file button. The Please pick a file to compare against. dialog box opens to let you select a file.
Displays the colors in which the entities are displayed when the program finds differences. You can toggle the different categories on and off to determine whether the corresponding entities should be shown or not.
Note: You can click the colors to open the Color dialog box where you can pick another color for the selected category.


6. Browse changes

7. Zoom on entity

8. Results list

Browse changes
Allows you to browse through the changes that are found between the two drawings. A preview of the entities is shown.
  • Click on the arrows to browse through the changes
  • Click on Use this version to select from which drawing you want to keep the entity
Zoom on entity
Zooms on to the entity that is shown in the preview
Displays the handles of the entities that are different from the compare drawing.
  • Not in current drawing: the entities only exist in the compare drawing
  • In both drawings & changed: the entities exist in both drawings, but are changed
  • Only in current drawing: the entities only exist in the current drawing

End compare

Ends the comparison and unloads the compare file.