Generates a symbolic 2D representation of a 3D stair by projecting the steps onto a plane.

BricsCAD Shape; BricsCAD BIM



Generates a 2D symbolic representation of a 3D entity classified as stair or as slab by projecting the steps or slabs to a plane.

Note: 3D entities classified as stairs can be:
  • Stairs resulting from the BIMSTAIR command.
  • Stairs which are created via direct modeling tools.
  • Stairs imported from other software packages.
  • Stairs created via Grasshopper scripts.

The automatically generated symbolic representation will be placed in the BIM_2D_BACK+_Stair* layers so that the solid geometry of the stair is still shown in the section result. Objects below the visible part of the stair will appear hidden. The layers can be customized and used during the section generation.

The direction of the stair is indicated in a 2d representation by an arrow pointing the up direction of the stair. The arrow starts at the first step and ends at the last step. A circle indicates the first step of the stair.

The numbering of steps starts with 1.

Options within the command

Select Section Plane
Allows you to select a Section Plane to project the stair or slab, to create a 2D stair or slab representation.
Continue without section plane
Creates a 2D stair or slab representation of the whole stair without selecting a Section Plane.