Assembly Inspect Settings dialog box

The Assembly Inspect Settings dialog box allows you to create tools mappings.


There is a Fasteners pre-configuration tools:

Defines filters for identifying fasteners in the assembly. For tool range of motion, only fasteners are considered (if they are mapped to a tool as well). Fasteners are not considered for the path clearance and visibility criteria.

Tool range of motion

  1. Add Tool
  2. Tool mappings
Add Tool
Adds a drawing with a tool.
Note: A range of standard hex keys and one screwdriver are loaded automatically as tools. Those hand tools can be accessed also from the Library panel.
Tool mappings
Adds mapping to the selected tool.

Path clearance


Defines the operator viewpoints based on the distance to the center of the assembly and the angle in the xy plane. Four viewpoints are defined by default, but you can add others by pressing the Add viewpoint button. The images in the panel show what is visible and what is blocked in a colored and understandable way. For each image, a camera frustum is displayed in model space, clarifying from which viewpoint the image is taken.

Gravitational stability

Checks stability in three ways: falling, sliding, and tilting. If parts are falling, sliding, and tilting are not considered anymore. Partial results for the three checks are shown, as well as temporary arrows in model space. All parts of a step are considered separately, both in the calculation and in the presentation of the results.