Replaces all instances of a block with an Xref at the command line.


Select one or more block references to replace with Xref/s.

Note: The block name for the Xref is generated from the file name. If an Xref (or overlay) with the same name already exists in the drawing, the block is replaced using existing Xref.

Options within the command

Enter block name of the block to be replaced with an xref

Enter a block name.

Lists the block names.
select objects (=)
Select a block reference with the desired block name.
options (*)
Lists the replacement options.
by block Name
Enter a block name to replace.
Selected block instances
Select the block instance(s) to replace.
SIMilar inserts

Replaces all instances of a block and all its modified (anonymous) dynamic blocks.

Note: If non-dynamic block is selected, then all instances with the same block name is replaced with Xref.
Note: This option acts like the BLOCKREPLACE command.
with Conversion to xref
First saves the block and then replaces the block with the newly created Xref.
The block is replaced with an Xref.
Ask for filename for newly created Xref
Saves the block before replacing it with an Xref.
A new drawing is created next to the original drawing with the same name as the block name.
Enter an xref file (~ to open file dialog)
Enter the name of an xref file or enter ~ to open the Select an Xref file dialog box.