Content Browser panel

The Content Browser panel offers you a quick and convenient way to open drawings, manage your block libraries, copy dimension styles, place views for your entire DWG files stored on your computer.

  1. Add Folder…
  2. Refresh
  3. Definitions in the selected drawing
  4. Local Folders tree
  5. Definitions’ preview
  6. Description

Add folder…

Displays the Choose a folder dialog box.


Select a drawing and press the Refresh button to expand its content (Blocks, Dimension Styles, Model Views).

Definitions in the selected drawing

Select Blocks/Dimension styles/Model views to see the definitions used within the drawing.

You can drag & drop a block onto the current drawing and an Insert Block dialog box will appear.

You can drag & drop a dimension style into the current drawing. If a dimension style with the same name already exists, a Copy / Paste dialog box will appear.

You can drag & drop a model view into the current drawing. This option is available only in Paper Space.

Local Folders tree

Displays the content of a drawing/project. Right-click menus enable you to add or remove folders from within the Folders tree.

Definitions’ preview

Shows a preview of your drawing/block/dimension style.


Displays a description of your selected definition.